Operations Division:

The Operations Division is the backbone of New Britain EMS. At the end of each day, getting EMS units to 911 calls and patients to the hospital is what we are all about. Our Operations Division ensures that we are actively staffing two 24 hour ALS Ambulances and one nine hour ALS ambulance each day. These units respond out to more than 13,000 calls each year. The Operations Division also manages our fleet, bio-medical equipment, information technology, procurement, human resources and our communications infrastructure.

Recently we have changed our ambulance stocking processes from a 'grab what you need' to an organized "Speed Loading" system. We utilize the AmbuTrak Inventory Management system and a combination of bins, shrink wrap and strict inventory protocols to streamline how our providers stock their units each day.

We have a comprehensive fleet management program to help ensure our fleet of five ambulances and six support vehicles stay on the line. Maintaining a small fleet in a busy system creates numerous challenges. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest safety technology including Road Safety black box technology, backup cameras, and hydraulic powered stretchers.

Our crews are equipped with modern and dependable technology including LifeNET EKG transmission equipment, HealthEMS Electronic Patient Care Reporting and Panasonic Toughbook laptop data entry terminals in each vehicle, EZ-IO bone access needles, CPAP, and automated ventilators.

At New Britain EMS we follow the strict hiring practices developed by a company called Avesta. Avesta has developed a new recruitment screening and hiring process that ensures we hire the most qualified person fit to work at New Britain EMS. Candidates must first pass a pre-employment written assessment, strict background screening, two panel interviews and pre-employment drug screen and physical. Once hired as a New Britain EMS paramedic or EMT recruit the new employee undergoes strict training and the oversight of a Field Training Officer to ensure that they are in compliance and able to operate effectively and efficiently as part of one of the busiest EMS services in New England.

Support Services Division

The Support Services Division of New Britain EMS encompasses Education, Outreach, Emergency Management, Special Operations and Quality Management. This division is located at the New Britain EMS Academy inside the Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) Institute of Technology and Business Development (ITBD) building in downtown New Britain.

The backbone of this division is the EMS Academy, which was established in January of 2010. Our Academy has quickly grown to be one of the premier EMS and Allied Health training centers in Connecticut. Our Academy staff interacts with over 2000 students annually through our various programming opportunities. We are designated as an American Heart Association Community Training Center and maintain a robust network of more than 30 affiliated instructors. Some of our Academy clients include the Consolidated School District of New Britain, the New Britain Fire Department, the Hartford Job Corps Academy, Trinity College, CCSU, and several other private business and industries located within the Greater Hartford area.

Our Academy recently formed a partnership with the Central Connecticut State University School of Nursing in the area of high fidelity patient simulation. Under this partnership, the Nursing Program has opened a new state of the art Simulation Center within the EMS Academy. The Nursing Program and New Britain EMS work collaboratively to ensure both programs benefit from the deployment and use of this technology.

New Britain EMS takes its responsibility of Community Outreach seriously. Each year we invest hundreds of uncompensated hours back educating our community on various outreach programs. We are the only organization in New Britain that has two certified Car Seat Technicians on staff operating a Child Passenger Safety Seat Inspection/Installation Station. You will find our Outreach Team integrating into various community groups on a regular basis. We are proud members of the New Britain Chamber of Commerce, the New Britain Lions Club, the New Britain Network Group, and the Arch Street NRZ.

Each year, over one million visitors come to the city of New Britain to participate in one of the hundreds of events held in our city. New Britain EMS provides emergency medical standby coverage at several hundred of these events. This is accomplished by deploying resources in several different capacities including standard ambulances, golf carts, and our IMPBA Cycle Response Unit (CRU). Some of our Special Operations clients include the New Britain Rockcats, Hartford Marathon Foundation, CCSU Athletics, and the Connecticut Breast Health Initiative.

This division is responsible for all of our emergency management planning on a local, regional and statewide level. New Britain EMS is an active participant in many local and regional committees and has a leadership role in both the local and regional ESF-8 groups. Most recently the New Britain Department of Public Health retained New Britain EMS to serve as the city's Bio-Terrorism Coordinator. In this role, New Britain EMS is responsible to consult with and manage all of the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Initiatives.

One of our guiding core values is Excellence. As such, we invest heavily in the delivery and oversight of our clinical services. Part of what makes New Britain EMS unique is our dedication to quality pre-hospital care. All of our employees undergo a rigorous screening process before being hired. All new employees are entered into an extensive Field Training program. Our clinicians maintain their skills both clinically and through continuous training and quality improvement. New Britain EMS prides itself on staying on the cutting edge of EMS research and technology. Our service was the first in Connecticut to utilize the AutoPulse cardiac resuscitation device. We were also the first to use the bone access EZ-IO system. EMS research has also been a top priority at New Britain EMS. Over the years, clinical trials at the agency have resulted in the adoption of life-saving technology still unavailable in some areas, including Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), as well as Rapid Sequence Intubation. Employees participate on clinical development teams and a Medical Review Committee is convened monthly to retroactively review cases from the previous month. We have closely tied our quality programs to our educational programs to help ensure a constant state of provider education.