Find answers to common questions about New Britain Emergency Medical Services.

What is the non-emergency phone number for the New Britain Public Safety Telecommunications Center?

(860) 826-3000

How do I get a copy of a run report?

Please call (860) 225-8787 and we will supply you with the proper documents.

I have a question about a bill I received for an ambulance transport who should I contact?

Please contact our billing department Air Methods at (855) 470-4692.

Does New Britain EMS have wheelchair vans to transport patients to non – emergency Drs. appointments or to and from nursing homes?

No, New Britain EMS only responds to 911 requests for medical emergencies in the City of New Britain. There are several private ambulance service providers that can be located online or in the phone book who will provide these services.

Who do I contact regarding a missing item inquiry?

Please call (860) 225-8787 and ask to speak with the on-duty Shift Lieutenant.

How do I find out what my test results are from a recent training class?

Please call the New Britain EMS Academy at (860) 351-0180.

How do I sign up for training classes?

Please visit the New Britain EMS Academy at www.nbemsa.org or call (860) 351-0180.

How do I schedule a ride-along with New Britain EMS?

Please contact the New Britain EMS Academy at (860) 351-0180.

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